Thursday, March 01, 2007

Chicken Little?

Hmm. The global warming debate seems to have heated up in some places, since 'An Inconvenient Truth' won three Oscars, and Al Gore accepted the other night.

It shows up in places like my local newspaper, where the editor's column pointed at the big snowstorms in upstate NY as proof that Gore's campaign is just posturing (Not available online). Strange.

Today Knox Views has a posting from someone linking to Gore's Tennessean coverage of a recent Gore speech and tries to refute some of his statements about the media's coverage of global warning as biased in favor of 'balance'. The comments on the Knox Views posting are revealing, including one from moderator R. Neal, who says he's tired of 'Gore bashing' on the blog. One poster comments:
What a bizarre post. Are you agreeing with Gore's complaint that newspapers present global warming as "disputed?" Or are you criticizing Gore for mocking "balance" as bias against the scientific consensus? Let's take an analogy to the Holocaust to stress the point. "Some" deny that 6 million Jews died at the Holocaust. Should the mainstream press report the Holocaust as "disputed" because "some" believe it's just a "hoax?"

On a similar note, News Hounds has a post about Ann Coulter's new status as a global warming expert on Fox News.....
Despite the fact that FOX News’ own poll shows that 82% of the public believes that global warming exists and that 79% believe that human activity plays at least some role, FOX News Channel continues to demean those who are concerned about it.



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