Saturday, March 24, 2007

Weekend update: More research links from the week, law sites and a Florida housing report

The Florida Housing Boom, analysis by UF's Bureau of Economic and Business Research. Interesting stuff, like this, from the press release: ...rising house prices in Florida were partly a delayed response to the boom in the high-productivity technology sector in other states in the late 1990’s as retiring baby boomers up north used capital gains on their houses to fund moving to the Florida sunshine..

Justia v Findlaw's Robert Ambrosi posts about why Findlaw's once wonderful legal directory has gone downhill: the founder left after Thompson bought the site and now has stared Justia, which offers free searches of Federal court dockets. Justia now has a great law directory available. (Now if there were just some direct links to searchable case databases in state and local courts.....)

The other links:

  • Geonames,a new geographic name search.
  • Baghdad: mapping the violence from the BBC, uses casualty data to show progression of violence from 2003 til now.
  • Hawai'i Tourism Authority Stylebook (PDF): get the spellings and usage right. Includes info on the Hawai'ian language and a dictionary link.
  • "The Second Wave" and Beyond; primary sources of the women's movement, 1960-present.
  • LitiLaw, published articles for litigators. Search a "free collection of hundreds of recently published articles of interest to litigators and related legal professionals. All articles are full-text, written by lawyers and have been published as part of continuing legal education (CLE) seminars, in legal journals, or are of similar quality."
  • Real estate glossary from RealtyTrac.
  • Links for 'March Madness' resources, from Resourceshelf.
  • Family Guide for Fruits and Seeds, detailed database by family groups from USDA's Agricultural Research Service.

  • First Draft, Tim Porter's blog on journalism, is active again, now that Porter's finished his book, News, Improved.

  • Chronicling America: Historical American Newspapers from the Library of Congress, searchable archives of public domain newspapers from several states, covering 1900-1910.


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