Thursday, March 22, 2007

Objectional discourse: the attacks on Edwards start

It's really, really discouraging to read the comments on Politico's blog posting on John Edwards' press conference about Elizabeth's health. There were over 300 comments last I looked and many of them are nasty. There are responders who ask for compassion, but the best the anti-posters can do is ask 'where was the moral outrage' when some people joked about the bomb attack in Afghanistan when Cheney was there.

None of this is really worth reading. It just reminds us how screwed this society has become. Or, as one commenter, 'Eelpie' says:
I am stunned at the hate and vitriol aimed at a man and a family in pain. I used to fear that America would someday lose its compassion. Reading the posts in this thread, I realize today's the day.



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