Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dubious e-mails, drunken journalists, and New Orleans

Sheila Lennon links a story that I meant to post yesterday but didn't get to: the Republican National Committee e-mail server that has been being used by White House staff doing official government business. That includes Karl Rove, so were many of his emails left out of subpoenas? Strange business, here. Even stranger: the server is located in Chattanooga, and is also the host for And, several Chattanooga businesses, organizations, and a private prep school, Baylor.
More from Corrente.

Gawker has asked readers to find them the drunkest journalists in New York. Of course, several commenters say they can't match London's journalists, and the classic obit in the Telegraph of Graham Mason comes to mind.....(via Roy Greenslade).

New Yorker is running a wonderful blog about New Orleans by Dan Baum, who's writing a book: New Orleans Journal (link fixed to main blog URL).

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