Thursday, April 05, 2007

Scarves and veils

(Added Friday: nice piece on Nancy Pelosi's fashion style by the Washington Post's Robin Givhan: Nancy Pelosi, Respectfully Maintaining Her Own Image.)

Just can't resist linking to this post at The Mahablog: Pelosi Wears Scarf; Righties Bark at Moon.
Anyone who thinks Christian tradition is so different from Islam should consider the points in this post. I'm among that older generation who remember that half a century ago -- and less -- you couldn't enter a Catholic church without a hat, scarf, or (popular in the '60s) a mantilla on your head. And certainly a sweater over bare arms.
And, as the photos here show, it's still required on Vatican visits, and only good etiquette to do when visiting Muslim religious centers or leaders. As Laura Bush and Condi Rice have done.

Speaking of proper Muslim dress, some bloggers noted the suits the British sailors were wearing at the official announcement of their release: Links to blogger comments from The Guardian's Newsblog, and Ann Althouse, who also comments on the Pelosi scarf, and, in an earlier post, points out St. Paul's epistle that started the Christian tradition.


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