Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Changes in blogging and news

Blogger/Picasa news: I'd noticed when posting photos to my other blog that I now get a notice from Picasa saying I've used something like 1 percent of my 1 GB storage. That's new, and now I know why: PicasaWeb is now storing all photos you post to your Blogger blog, in a separate album. There's not much in the album for this blog because I post little art, but the PicasaWeb album for my Southern Highlands Cam has 119 photos in it today. More to come as they've started out archiving this year's photos and will add the older photos in time.
It's a nice feature as you can download the entire album, email or purchase prints.

SixApart news: this is news to me, although it's been around for awhile, I think. There's a new blogging platform called Vox, which makes it easy to post photos from Flickr, videos from YouTube, or audio. It also comes with customizable privacy settings so you can share certain things with friends or family only. It joins SixApart's Live Journal, Type Pad and Moveable Type platforms. (Found via SixApart's nod to Dave Winer's 10th blogging anniversary.)

Google News: Lots of discussion of the fact that Google Earth's satellite photos of New Orleans show the city before Hurricane Katrina. Google explains. Dave Winer, among others, is exasperated.

Topix News: Topix, the local news search engine, has announced it's going to a citizen journalism model and will have community-based editors and contributors. Interesting idea, since some areas, especially small towns, don't have much news. But I'm a bit discouraged by this since when I put in my ZIP code, there still seems to be less news here than there was a couple years ago.
(Oh, and they're switching from to

Maybe the local news will improve when the main newspaper in town switches from the very limited website they've had for years to the new all-news format they say will arrive this month. The other newspaper, though, has had news online for several months now and only a few stories are showing up in Topix.



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