Monday, November 27, 2006

The Herald. Again.

The El Nuevo Herald/ Jose Varela story is over, but the commentary continues. Miami bloggers are saying it's a reflection of a deeply divided community, which seems to have become more divided than ever in the couple of years since I left.

Bob Norman links to a lot of the blog comments on Daily Pulp. Serious discussion in the comments on the postings on Critical Miami, Stuck on the Palmetto, and Babalu, of course.

When it comes to analyzing the El Nuevo/Miami Herald relationship, I can't help thinking about Alberto Ibargüen. He was the one who convinced Herald and Knight Ridder leaders that El Nuevo should be a separate newspaper, with its own staff and newsroom. Alberto Ibargüen was named Miami Herald publisher, rewarded for his forward-looking ideas. He left a couple years later to lead the Knight Foundation.

This may have been a case where the idea was too fragile to be deserted by its creator, the only one who could make it work.

As this story develops, it highlights the ridiculous feuding developing among some South Florida bloggers. There's a lot of anger there. Varela was just one example of it.


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