Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Purple places, interactive newspapers, another Cuban plot and another Florida recount mess

A few random things today, catching up from a couple days of reduced online time:

Nice to see this new map of a purple nation, posted at Facing South. Seems this country's been divided for much too long. A version of this map came out after the last national election, and it was good then to see that at least most states weren't just red or blue. Now the purple is spreading, and there are blue patches in places that wouldn't be expected: the southeast piedmont area and central and west Tennessee, for example. Appalachia is nicely purple or blue too, mostly. My old home county in upstate New York is still pretty red, and, wow, most of Oregon and Kansas. But what's with the green?

Discussion of how newspapers should be evolving online is rampant, what with a couple Washington Post political reporters leaving to start a new online mag (LOTS of discussion on Romenesko, and see this column from Slate's Jack Shafer), and some interesting commentary:
In the Online Journalism Review, Tom Grubisich reviews several community journalism projects like Westport Now, Bluffton Today and Backfence: 'Potemkin Village' Redux.
Mark Potts discusses the Washington Post situation and other online enterprise on his Recovering Journalist blog.
So does Steve Yelvington on his.

Did the CIA kill Bobby Kennedy? A documentary filmaker's investigation runs on the BBC. There is, as always, a Miami connection:
I did not buy the official ending that Sirhan acted alone, and started dipping into the nether-world of "assassination research", crossing paths with David Sanchez Morales, a fearsome Yaqui Indian....Ayers, a retired US army captain who had been seconded to JM-Wave, the CIA's Miami base in 1963, to work closely with chief of operations Morales on training Cuban exiles to run sabotage raids on Castro....We move to Washington to meet Wayne Smith, a state department official for 25 years who knew Morales well at the US embassy in Havana in 1959-60.
When we show him the video in the ballroom, his response is instant: "That's him, that's Morales." He remembers Morales at a cocktail party in Buenos Aires in 1975, saying Kennedy got what was coming to him.

Following the recount questions in the race for Katharine Harris's former seat in Florida? The Sarasota Herald Tribune has a special online section: 13th Congressional District Recount, with profiles, video reports, and news stories.

Speaking of Cuba connections, Daily Pulp links to news of a memo from The Miami Herald's Tom Fiedler, upset about a column in the sister El Nuevo Herald that seems to accuse Herald reporter Oscar Corral of bad things.

A Miami photo: This was linked on Stuck on the Palmetto, but too good to pass by: Miami Construction Boom, a photo by Jenny Romney on Flickr. Taken from the roof of the Miami Herald, a location I have photographed from often (although I never had access to the roof so mine were always a lower perspective). LOTS of new skyscrapers going up. (If I'm wrong about the Herald's roof, it must have been from a helicopter.)

One last thing. Don't click on this YouTube video if you're at work, or uncomfortable with sexual situations. Screwed by Bush.


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