Tuesday, November 14, 2006

On a lighter (maybe ) note

Bismarck and the emperor: Amazing to see an historical political cartoon come to life again. This one, from 1890, was resurrected in 1945. And now, thanks to the genius of Guardian artist Steve Bell, has been again, in the personae of George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld, in a much more gruesome version. Thanks to Why Now? who dug these out.

Someone in Metafilter linked recently to Nobody Here, a whimsical site linked from this blog for several years. Seeing that link led me to browse it again, and its newest feature, the hermit crab. When I first loaded it I thought my computer was dying, from the sound of the skittering crab legs. And it took awhile to figure out the point, but if you drag the crab so he falls out of his shell, he'll find another home from the objects on the desktop, quite amusing. Or just make holes in the socks.

I like this one, too, an investigation of a journalistic cliche: The Rise and Fall of the "Bus Plunge" Story, by Jack Shafer in Slate. Fascinating.

(Had trouble getting this post to publish last night. Still didn't show up this morning even though it was in the published list.)


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