Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Meet your Congress

CQPolitics has profiles of all the new members.

Here's mine.

On a related note, Christopher Lydon's Open Source Radio is collection reactions to the election results here: Was It Good for You?

I am disappointed in one race, the one I had to watch most closely because it was on my TV news and commercials every night: the Bob Corker/Harold Ford race. This one seemed to be a shoe-in for Ford, until about two weeks ago when the RNC ran some obnoxious ads. Too bad those seemed to sway it, you'd like to think voters woudn't be influenced by something like that. A couple reactions to these results from Tennessee bloggers: R Neal and Whites Creek at Knox Views, and Rex Hammock.

Anyway, time for us all to think about something posted by one of the commenters in 'Was it Good for You?":
I can’t believe we are a country that could have or would ever go to, be led to, war so willingly, so easily.
Can we now focus not on divisive issues but what we need to do to save us all?: slow climate change, contain nuclear weapons, equalize the effects of globalization, and reduce poverty (the disparity between rich and poor) and disease? Can we start at home? Can we set an example? or start?


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