Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day and online books

Gary Price links several good reference resources for election information today.

Among them,'s election page, which offers a pretty nice interface for finding info quickly, including a pulldown menu by state. Here's North Carolina, a very good selection of links.

NCVoter has verified voter information, including a list of voting systems used in each county. I used a touchscreen system this morning, with a paper printout. The state election board indicates it was probably an I-Votronic (I should have noted the brand).

The local paper's photographer arrived as I was in line to take pictures of voting, but I don't think I was in any of them.
Speaking of photographing voting, though, there's been some discussion of a few projects to photograph or videotape voting to create a record in case of questions. Here's one, from There's answers to legal questions about this here.

For bloggers reporting on elections, here's a great link (via J.D. Lasica), to the Center for Citizen Media's Election Day Law FAQ. It includes questions and answers from law students at Stanford. More questions welcome.

I hope this isn't happening everywhere, but here's a report about some serious election trickery going on the Virginia Senate campaign, via Kos.

Since I started out with a Resourceshelf link, here's another: Gary lists lots of sites for finding online fulltext books.


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