Monday, November 13, 2006

War and bread, and other things

A few interesting things I missed this weekend or late last week:

The Way Out of War, a new blueprint from George McGovern, in Harper's. Seems McGovern has been resurrected, if the recently oft-shown documentary on alternative satellite stations is a sign....

Into the Abyss: Reporting Iraq, is a special report on war correspondents from the Columbia Journalism Review.

On the new Defense secretary nominee: The Robert Gates File from National Security Archives, has excerpts from a book about Gates' Iran-Contra involvement.

The Secret of Great Bread, New York Times story on a new method of no-knead breadmaking. The dough is raised over 20 hours and baked in a preheated closed pot. The recipe.
Always interested in finding a new bread method, although I have finally perfected mine. I'll be trying this one.

And, a new photo blog: Paris Daily Photo, from Eric, a Parisian resident. Note this is a part of a chain of City Daily photoblogs, with many cities participating. No one in Miami yet. There is one from Nashville, though apparently not all the sites adhere to the 'daily' requirement....


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