Monday, November 27, 2006

After a long weekend

Apologies for light posting over the last week or so. My work load is down right now so I don't have a reason to spend most of the day at the computer, and the Indian Summer weather the last few days has me outside as much as possible. Last chance to trim the apple and peach trees, weed the flower beds and turn and mulch the garden. Not to mention getting out to see the newly-visible mountains after leaf fall, a lake cruise, and showing a visitor the area last weekend.
I didn't even bother to blog the latest Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald fiasco. Well, it was all over CNN, after all...

Some of last week's best research links:

  • Federal Trade Commission decisions online going back to 1969.
  • PCNames, a quick domain name search leading to WHOIS results.
  • North American Transportation Statistics, 2006 (press release with data links). The database: Includes stats from Canada, Mexico.
  • World Energy Outlook, 2006 from International Energy Agency.
  • Going online in Cuba - Internet under surveillance from Reporters without Borders.
  • Find Latitude and Longitude by entering an address or location, from Infoplease, has expanded to worldwide locations.
  • Women in the Labor Force Databook, 2006
  • Search London-area alien registration cards, covering 1876-1991, from National Archives (UK). Search is free, full records is £3.50.
  • from Kaiser Family Foundation, latest data.
  • The Iraq Study Group, includes links to publications and fact sheets.


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