Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wikipedia again, and other things of interest

Via TVCAlert, the Wikipedia accuracy question meets pop culture: Stephen Colbert encouraged viewers to go to Wikipedia and edit every entry that mentions 'elephants' to say the population is booming.
Of course, Wikipedia caught it after people started editing over 20 entries mentioning elephants, Tawker blog tells how he blocked Stephen Colbert.

It's a long time since I've seen anything by the excellent Liz Balmaseda, who won a Pulitzer for her commentary at the Miami Herald, but sort of disappeared after taking a leave. Now she's at the Palm Beach Post, and has an excellent column on Babalu Blog's Val Prieto.

Speaking of newspaper gossip, interesting column in the Cleveland Free Times about changes and layoffs at the Plain Dealer, which claims (former Miami Herald editor) executive editor Doug Clifton is staying away from the newsroom a lot to do more woodworking. Hmm.
The column is by John Ettore, who has an excellent blog, Working with Words. In his post about the column he says Clifton objects, of course. More to come. Anyway, it looks like a good blog to add to the long blogroll.

And, here's another new Miami blog that looks like it's going to be interesting: MiamiVision, 'the Rodney Dangerfield of blogs'. (Via Critical Miami).


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