Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Older bloggers

Doc Searls and Sheila Lennon, two of my favorite bloggers, are celebrating birthdays -- Doc's this week, Sheila's a couple weeks ago. They're 59.
I've got two years and a month or so on them, which is probably why I'm about to lose a couple teeth and suddenly can't hear out of one ear (I share tinnitis with Doc, who has wondered how much computer fans contribute to it. I'm pretty sure my noisy computer doesn't help.)
But my favorite 'older blogger' who blogs on aging (and other topics), is Ronni Bennett of Time Goes By, a few years older than me. I've been trying to get to her blog more lately, as I'm enjoying her discovery of her new home in Portland, Maine, especially the photos.
She has links to lots of other older bloggers and is definitly a must visit for those wondering what the next years will bring.

Oh, and, speaking of another blog demographic I fit into, lots of bloggers have been posting about the BlogHer conference this weekend. Among the best places to get opinions, presentations, background, is the BlogHer Wiki set up by Amy Gahran. The main BlogHer site also has lots of good stuff and followups.


  • Thanks, Liz. Glad you find my wiki useful. Feel free to contribute to it!

    - Amy Gahran

    By Blogger Amy, at 11:05 AM  

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