Monday, July 31, 2006

New links from last week

Late for an update this week, a bit down this weekend with jaw pain and tinnitis. Sort of a constant these days but worse than usual right now. On my way to get it checked out.
There were some good new links for researchers last week though:
The links:

  • Public Domain Music list from, where there's also a good list of other public domain music search sites.
  • Natural Hazards Gateway from USGS; links to factsheets, background for hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.

  • The Road to Nowhere: Everyone’s Strategic Failures in Lebanon Source: Center for Strategic and International Studies.
  • Mapping the Future of the World's Population PDF from Columbia's Center for Climate Systems Research.

  • Free birthday search.

  • NABE links, from Natl Assn for Business Economics. Links to lots of data, tools, and economics blogs.

  • National Geographic Map Machine, redesigned with easy road map navigation. PHysical maps available only for large areas (but are very nice), at least in some places.
  • Resourceshelf links to upcoming events calendars
  • JAKE, jointly administered knowledge environment, at Yale Med lib. Find which journals are available in which online database. Not updated since 2002 but still useful.
  • CUFTS journal search, similar project at Simon Fraser U. lib. (Thanks to Newslib list members for these links.)

    Some interesting stories/blogs:
  • on an offshore website about Florida medical plaintiffs
  • Pressthink on upcoming site
  • PINow news blog
  • Daily Caveat, blog on corruption, fraud and investigative research from a 'recovering corporate investigator'.

    Public Records:
  • NOZA, searchable database of charitable gifts. (basic list for free, details for small subscription fee). (via Researchbuzz.)
  • PI Buzz on finding military records.


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