Monday, July 24, 2006


GW Bush's off-mic comments the other day still resonate. Now they're being put to music, by lots of different folks (including Alan, although his version doesn't seem to be online yet). One, though, by Paul Hipp, was posted as a video on Huffington Post, but kudos to the Kos folks for transcribing the lyrics, with link to the video and suitable illustration: Stop This Shit: The Music Video. Starts out:
George went over to Russia
to that fancy G8 thing
His friend big-hearted Vlad threw
a real posh wing-a-ding

Via Memeorandum today, link to a column in Haaretz by Gideon Levy: Stop Now, Immediately:
From the start it was unnecessary, even if its excuse was justified, and now is the time to end it. Every day raises its price for no reason, taking a toll in blood that gives Israel nothing tangible in return.

In this mien, here's Ralph Nader, in CounterPunch: Dear President Bush…Here’s How To Halt This Horror.


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