Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Attacking the press

Seems it's a trend lately, with Coulter's threats to The Times being repeated over and over, (not to mention claiming the latest white powder letter) and just a string of nasty complaints about newspapers ('treason' among them) on lots of blogs, that sound much more serious than ever before. (Makes Spiro Agnew's attacks sound positively tame.)

Glenn Greenwald says this needs to be taken seriously: Journalists: It's time for some articles on the pro-Bush blogosphere. Greenwald links to a compilation of anti-press blog postings at Media Matters, and says:
What type of rhetoric is one of the leaders of the pro-Bush blogosphere, Glenn Reynolds a/k/a Instapundit, a University of Tennessee law professor, promoting with his links, and himself disseminating on a regular basis? What sentiments motivate publication by Michelle Malkin of some of the most disturbing and hateful propaganda posters which can be imagined? And what causes three bland, corporate Minnesota lawyers at Powerline to routinely accuse political opponents and journalists of treason, urge their imprisonment, and engage in "rhetorical excesses too frequent to list"?
...When it becomes commonplace to hurl accusations of treason against domestic political opponents, or when calls for imprisonment and/or hanging of journalists and political leaders become the daily fare -- all of which is true for the pro-Bush blogosphere -- those are serious developments. And they merit discussion and examination by the media.
...Is there anybody who voted against the Commander-in-Chief who can remain free?

Speaking of one of these bloggers, Michelle Malkin chimes in with a complaint that conservative bloggers aren't showing up enough on sites like Digg, and starts a campaign to get her posts, and other conservatives', 'dug'.

Oh, really. So then why is her blog, plus Little Green Footballs, and Powerline listed on Blogpulse's top blogs and top posts? (Along with Greenwald's post and Kos...)


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