Saturday, July 15, 2006

Weekend roundup

I haven't posted a weekly links list in awhile. Not much new has shown up, and seems the best stuff I've been bookmarking has been some of the studies readily available in Docuticker.

But, I've been keeping a running list so may as well post some of them.

  • Annotated Bibliography of Terrorism and Counterterrorism Research (PDF)
    From Combatting Terrorism Center at West Point.
  • A political and economic introduction to China, PDF from House of Commons library.
  • Islam: People, Culture and Politics, a bibliography from Air University library.

  • America's Best Hospitals, annual ranking from U.S. News and World Report.
  • Latinos and U.S. Foreign Policy, study from Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University.
  • The Islamic Imagery Project: Visual Motifs in Jihadi Internet PropagandaFrom Combatting Terrorism Center at West Point.
  • Many more great reports, studies, etc. at

  • StatTrek: Probability, Statistics, and Survey Sampling Includes tutorials, tools, and a statistics glossary.
  • State of the World's Refugees, 2006, annual report from UN High Commissioner for Refugees.
  • United States Military Casualty Statistics: Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom Congressional Research Service (via Federation of American Scientists)

    Public Records:
  • PI Buzz is pointing out some things I hadn't seen yet, including:
  • Courthouse Direct, where, they say, you can search 50 states' property appraiser records for free (if you register); full report on a property is for a fee.
  • Virgin Islands Recorder of Deeds Free index search covers 1999-present; fee for display.

  • The Independent Journalist, resources for freelancers from SPJ.
  • Big Ten Media Companies, profiles from The Nation.

  • New York Times Financial Glossary.
  • Oil Industry Profit Review 2005.
  • U.S. Trade Deficit and the Impact of Rising Oil Prices.
  • The Zoom List creates company profiles from web info.

  • 30 things you didn't know you could do on the Internet from PC World.

  • Attractors a fun time waster.
  • Gaping Void Widget: put one on your website.

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