Thursday, July 13, 2006

Good stuff

Digby hits it on the head again with a couple of relevant posts: March 7, 2003 Revisited. Turns out the French were right after all.
And: Deja Vecu, with an excerpt from Rick Perlstein's forthcoming book, Nixonland, on the My Lai/Calley case. How things never change.

Andrew Sullivan puts to end the discussion of whether mistreatment of enemy combatants is allowed by military rules, with this section from the Army Field Manual:
"Humane treatment of insurgent captives should extend far beyond compliance with Article 3, if for no other reason than to render them more susceptible to interrogation. The insurgent is trained to expect brutal treatment upon capture. If, contrary to what he has been led to believe, this mistreatment is not forthcoming, he is apt to become psychologically softened for interrogation. Furthermore, brutality by either capturing troops or friendly interrogators will reduce defections and serve as grist for the insurgent's propaganda mill,"

Much more worth reading on Sullivan's Daily Dish.

Dan Kennedy, the Boston Phoenix writer now teaching at Northeastern (sorry, wrote Northwestern by mistake), is looking into current and previous Boston newspaper coverage of the Big Dig on his Media Nation blog, and shows that as far as the fatal collapse there the other day, it was a case of 'told you so': particularly in this one, Digging into the Big Dig.

Speaking of local blogs, as I did a week or so ago. there's a great roundup of local blog posts in the Carolina low country on, from the Post-Courier: Postscripts: Low Country Blogs. Browsing the latest posts you can see the connection between the low country and the highlands this time of year.

For another local blog compilation, Dan Kennedy's links to Boston Blogs.

Oh yeah, and Digby recommends this: MMM-Peach Mint Tea.

And, the new infallibility doctrine, via Raw Story.


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