Monday, July 17, 2006


Think Progress looks at the list of White House staffers' pay and discovers the four most overpaid staffers.

May be, but one of these is a director of factchecking, who makes $46,500. Seems you can hardly live on that salary in DC these days, and what's more important than factchecking (even if it isn't paid attention to anyway)?

Lots of snarky comments here, but at least one of them gets it:
In defence of these people: It is not their fault if they did their job, and nobody listened. Further, shouldn’t the director of fact checking be a higher paid job? I mean, it is an important research function if the President is going to… oh, sorry. Decider no likey facts.

At least the commenters also list several other jobs that may be better candidates for 'most overpaid'.


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