Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday blues

Unfortunately my connection troubles continue. Some sites just won't load, and it took me a long time to get to a Blogger posting screen today. Makes getting anything done difficult.

It's tempting to just ignore the news. Seems it's worse every week. But, for coverage of the Israel-Lebanon war, some good things:

Al Tompkins has posted useful links on Morning Meeting today: What is Hezbollah? Besides links to histories of the organization (around only since 1982), there are links to current news sources in the area, to resources for futher research, and to interest groups.

For more background on Hezbollah, a timely release of a document from the Center for Strategic and International Studies: Lebanese Security and the Hezbollah.

(Added later:) Oh, and there's Diplomacy Monitor, from St. Thomas University in Miami, which posts original documents from governments around the world. Lots here under 'Middle East' including diplomatic messages to the Israeli and Lebanese governments from other countries, messages for foreign nationals in Israel and Lebanon from their governments, statements, speeches, etc. There are also sections on the G8 and Mubai bombings, among others. Thanks for the reminder to Gary Price.

Everyone's talking about the open mike recording of a private conversation between G.W. Bush and Tony Blair, in which Bush suggested it would be a good idea for Hezbollah to 'stop doing this shit'. Text of a transcript is on Sky News' Adam Boulton's blog: Bush and Blair Raw and Uncut. The transcript opens up more fertile discussion areas, such as who do they call 'honey' and 'sweet', and what was the present Blair picked out for Bush?

In just another example of the huge success the Iraq restoration is having, Agonist discusses (with photos) a project for building health centers in Iraq, with a $243 million contract awarded to Parsons. So far the project has spent $186 million and only built 8 of the contracted 142 health care centers. Photos show the work is not up to par, either.


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