Tuesday, July 25, 2006

S. Fla. media notes

Miami Herald investigations editor Mike Sallah is interviewed in PR Week, where he talks about his Pulitzer-winning (for the Toledo Blade)investigation of Tiger Force's activities in the Vietnam war, and about doing investigations in Miami:
This is the candy store of American need the press here.

Interesting comments, too, on whether blogging has any relevance for investigative journalism. In his opinion: not much, yet. (via Romenesko)

On another South Florida journalist: I have become addicted to Bob Norman's Daily Pulp blog, and not just for the media criticism and gossip. It's posts like this one that do it for me: Nobody's Cornered the Market on Slaughter.
There are a lot of people with death and destruction in their hearts and minds. America has to be bigger than that, we have to listen to the better angels of our nature.


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