Thursday, July 27, 2006

Coverage from the scene

Two independent journalists who are on the spot in the middle of the Israeli-Lebanon conflict: Kevin Sites, who did some of the earliest on-the-scene reporting by blog from Iraq (while -- and after -- with CNN) and who is now doing independent reports for Yahoo! HotZone.

Also, Back to Iraq's Christopher Allbritton, who solicited donations to cover the war in Iraq as a blogger, and who has now been reporting from Tyre, as has Sites. From Albritton, who has doing some reporting for Time and other media sources, and living in Beirut:
Why, oh, why do people with access to really big bombs continue to think they can change people’s loyalties by dropping those big bombs on their homes and families?

From Sites, who was on the scene immediately after an Israeli bomb destroyed one building and killed and injured several next door:
One man walking amid the rubble was a doctor who works at the Tyre Municipal Union, a collective of small villages and cities in the south. I had talked to him in his office earlier in the day. I asked him why he thought the building was targeted.
"This is an example of American democracy," Dr. Raed Ghassan said. "This was my house. I hate America. I will fight America every day, every time."
I asked him if he thought America was responsible for this, but he just walked away.


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