Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Everybody's got them everywhere these days. Stores are full of them. Just as a reminder that everything comes with a price, here's a report from the U.S. Fire Administration: Findings on Candle Fires in Structural Residences. 23,000 fires and 165 deaths each year.

Looking at this, can't help thinking of the the song by Ibrahim Ferrer that always repeats and repeats in my head after listening to the Buena Vista Social Club album:

Oye, Faustino Orama' y sus compañeros,
necesito que me apaguen el fuego.
Margarita llama pronto a los bomberos para
que vengan a apagar el fuego.
Ay candela, candela, candela, me quemo aé,
mama ¡Aaaay!

-- Candela, via Study link via Docuticker.

(Added later:) Oh, well, thought the lyrics didn't seem to be what I thought they were but after checking the original CD notes, this is correct. Somehow I always thought they were saying 'she forgot to put out the candle (la vela), rather than 'come to put out the fire (el fuego). 'Candela' can mean candle but is translated as fire in the notes. Another case of misheard lyrics. But a good excuse to remember Ibrahim Ferrer.


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