Wednesday, August 02, 2006

That Castro story

High hopes and tense excitement in Miami, where hundreds of thousands -- maybe millions -- are hoping that this is The End for Castro.

For discussion/background, lots of places to go, most in South Florida: The Miami Herald, of course, with lots of stories and blogs.
Babalu Blog for the most consistant anti-Castro Cuban-American opinions, lots of links and reaction. Val at Babalu takes a lot of heat for his conservative statements, but he's been doing this -- with some additional contributors -- for a lot of years and has gotten a lot of respect for it. The sheer number of postings over the last few days is incredible. Good blogroll of other Cuban-American blogs, too.
Critical Miami, where Alesh has been posting lots of links and seems to be updating constantly too , with a good post today on What Happens Now?.
Rick at Stuck on the Palmetto has posted lightly on Cuba, but notes today that the story is great for his page reads, and for Val's too.
Daily Pulp is keeping track of South Florida media coverage.
Via Babalu, note The National Review has several stories listed under a Castro Death Watch section.

I have lots of Cuba links, including links to Cuban media and government sites, on my website. Haven't updated in awhile (originally posted in 2000 but I'm sure I've updated several times since although didn't note the dates), so I guess it's time, especially to add blogs......I posted a link to blogs from Cuba a few months back, some of these may be interesting. (As of noon today, have added several things and updated links to a couple critical files. Sorry for any links that don't work any more, but I'll try to go thru them all and fix later.)


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