Wednesday, August 09, 2006

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Light postings due to work and other chores, but here are a couple of notable things from the last day or so:

On the Joe Lieberman story, Sheila Lennon has a good roundup on what happened to the Lieberman campaign site: Lieberman claimed it was 'hacked'. Turns out it was just a lack of planning for heavy interest during election night. Lennon says:
This was obviously not a campaign for the 21st century. A Senator who'd keep his site down and blame the outage on his opponent rather than find someone technically competent enough to bring the site back up probably shouldn't be making Internet policy anyway.

Mark Cuban's Sharesleuth blog, with investigative news articles by writer/editor Chris Carey, posted the first story, on Xethanol Corp, a company trying to profit off the ethanol bandwagon but which has run into trouble. Interesting thing about this: one blogger, Gary Weiss, who publishes a blog about Wall Street, says Mark Cuban profited off the story by selling Xethanol stock short a few weeks back. Not news, since Cuban said in advance he would use information from the investigations, but an odd twist to investigative reporting, for sure.

Guardian News Blog rounds up the Castro death rumors story and quotes heavily from Babalu, among others.


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