Friday, August 04, 2006

From England

...two things that make me smile. First, that the National Archives has put the Domesday Book online. You can search for a town or village, or download actual page images (small fee). A long way from the days when I saw it, locked in a viewing box.... via Guardian News Blog.

Also from the Guardian, news that supermarket giant Tesco is offering rebate points to any shoppers who don't use plastic shopping bags. Bring your own and earn. Some stores, mostly natural markets, of course, do that here, but so far I've only seen it at Wild Oats (where you get an instant 5c discount for using your own bag), and maybe one or two others. Fun tidbit from this story: in Ireland fluttering plastic bags hanging in trees are called 'witches' knickers'. Plenty of those around here.....
Do the French have an even better idea?


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