Friday, August 04, 2006

Pause for factchecking

It's hard in a fast-paced, post-as-much-as-you-can blogworld to stop to take the time to make sure the facts are all there. I sometimes find, reading what I've posted, that I've misspelled or mis-stated something and fix it immediately. But the mistake has already gone out. (Not to mention the typos.)
I also admire bloggers who do take the time to pursue good background information on many of their postings. It adds a lot. I'll keep coming back to those bloggers.

So it's very encouraging to see that Chris Carey, who writes and edits the new investigative blog sponsored by Mark Cuban, Sharesleuth, has delayed publishing his first investigative project because he and Cuban want to be absolutely, clearly sure that the facts are right:
Over the weekend, my partner Mark Cuban and I settled on a plan that addresses both of those issues. We're going to pay an independent fact checker to review our stories and ensure that the details are correct and the conclusions are neither false nor misleading.

A new market for factcheckers? Can we set up a network of factcheckers for bloggers? I'd get in on that....
(Added later:) of course, on the other hand, doesn't this sound a lot like.....newspaper editors?


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