Friday, August 04, 2006

Another conspiracy theory

Seems there's a new meme around the Qana bombing story from Lebanon. After all the flurry of reaction by people shocked at the loss of civilian life, apparently bloggers and other commentators are now claiming the whole thing was staged. Here's The Washington Post's World Opinion Roundup on the topic, and Digby, wrapping up some of the opinions, from people like Rush Limbaugh, who says:
" know who really killed those people are the Hezbos. Hezbollah killed those people. Hezbollah put those people in that building and brought the rocket launchers in close by, knowing full well that the launcher would be targeted."

CJR covers the question of whether the photographs were posed, in a report on 'the phony conspiracy', and says this war is changing the rules:
what has changed is the number of competing and clashing voices from a variety of fronts, all trying to spin the quite unspinnable -- the reality of death and destruction that war in every era brings.


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