Friday, August 11, 2006

On the other hand....

Some things not related to terrorists, planes or bombs:

Jeff Jarvis comments on the decision to take money away from the Columbia Journalism Review online to promote the print product:
I’d have killed the magazine; converted to online with no cost for printing, distribution, and subscription sales; taken advertising online; invited free content from the public; invited contributions; and rolled the dice on the future, not the past.

Barbara Ehrenreich: A class analysis of Miami Vice:
But the real darkness of the movie has gone unnoted by the critics: In his latest “Vice,” Michael Mann offers up an economically globalized world populated only by the grimly poor and the breathtakingly ultra-rich, all of whom are big-time felons.

Nice little story today by the Miami Herald's Georgia Tasker, about severely disabled sailor Kerry Gruson, who competed in the regatta at Cowes this week. (Tasker did an earlier, longer story a couple of weeks ago, with photo online.) I met Gruson, daughter of New York Times star reporters Sidney Gruson and Flora Lewis, once where she worked at the Miami bureau of the Times. Her story is compelling. It gets better as it goes on.
Gruson wrote the story about her injury for the Times in 1985. It's available online.


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