Friday, August 11, 2006

Background on explosives, airports

For help for people trying to understand the latest terrorism threat, Al Tompkins rounds up a lot of links on liquid explosives today. Included, a link to a good guide from, one of those sites that's essential for understanding what's going on in the world today from a military, terrorism and security viewpoint.

And for airport directories and real-time information, Gary Price suggests and (link to Gary's previous posting on Resourceshelf). Links Gary recommends today: FlightStat's airport directory, as well as Landings' airport directory.

For the latest news on this story, you know where to go. But here are a couple things worth mentioning: Gary suggests NewsNow's news ticker on the terrorist threat. NewsNow compiles news headlines from around the world as they come in and you can set up your own feeds.

Of course, another great current news source is Topix. net, where they bring you searchable (topic or location) latest news from news sources and blogs, and you can also set up feeds: here's a search on Terrorism.


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