Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cuban journalists: not doing so well

Reporters Without Borders issued a new report on the state of journalists imprisoned in Cuba.
We are waiting for a gesture of clemency towards the 23 journalists who have been in jail since the crackdown in 2003,” it said. “They are living in dirty cells with contaminated water, are ill-treated and visits to them are restricted. They are not getting proper medical care and the health of most of them is deteriorating each day.

Along with the release, links to other journalism news from Cuba, and the 2006 Annual Report.

Also on Cuba, from Christopher Hitchens: The Eighteenth Brumaire of the Castro Dynasty, in Slate. Says Hitchens:
If there had been a military coup in any other Latin American or Caribbean country, even a fairly small or obscure one, I think it safe to say that it would have made the front page of the newspapers. But the military coup in Cuba—a nation linked to ours in many vital and historic ways—has not been reported at all.


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