Monday, February 07, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
I don't seem to be getting online on the weekend as often, these days, so sorry about the late post this week.

More links....

  • Encyclopedia of World History online at Bartleby.
  • Latest airline performance report shows delays, lost baggage up in 2004.
  • In Motion: a study of the African-American migration experience, in multimedia from NY Public Library.
  • Milestones in Garbage, a timeline from EPA.
  • Atlas of climate change in 150 bird species in Eastern U.S. from USDA.
  • DoD has updated the Military casualty information page to include lots of stats and namelists from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. (Note not as useful as far as sorting, etc. as
  • WebsBiggest Web directory search engine. This one is different, just searching any of several directories.
  • Google Local joins the various local directories and finds addresses, map and directions as well as similar businesses in the area. Nice thing about this: do a regular Google search and click on 'Local' at top of page and your search will automatically be directed to whatever address, town or ZIP you specify. Example: Newspapers in 33132.
  • New address for Florida Giftgivers' Guide, listing of charitable entities.
  • Florida Child Abuse Death Review, 2004 from DoH.
  • Florida Dept of Corrections Annual Report: lots of stats.
    The global network for democratic media".
    Public Records:
  • Land Register Online: look up properties in the UK.
  • Border Deaths database: Arizona Star keeps track of all illegal immigrant deaths in the Tucson district.
  • Safe Driving Institute's bad driver database: need to register to access this, which is also available to law enforcement. Unsubstantiated reports of road ragers, etc.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • New media blogs from Media Bistro: Fishbowl DC; Fishbowl NY; Fishbowl LA.
  • The Razzies: Golden Raspberry Awards.


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