Sunday, January 30, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
I posted links on the Iraqi elections on the Herald blog this week, but didn't run into any in-depth compilation. In fact, the coverage in blogs and otherwise seems pretty sparse.
Lots more links this week than last...

More links....

  • Public doctor disciplinary information on state Web sites, a directory from Public Citizen.
  • NOWCoast from NOAA, quick map links to coastal weather, climate, conditions, forecasts.
  • September 11 Documentary Project, also from Library of Congress. Archive of artifacts from the tragedy.
  • Convention center space: Brookings study says there's a glut.
  • Report on charitable giving after 9/11 from the Foundation Center.
  • Rand report on missile defense for airliners.
  • Religion and Public Life, 2000-2004 from Public Agenda.
  • Attidudes about Homosexuality: survey from American Enterprise Institute.
  • Police Chiefs' Desk Reference from IACP.
  • Phonebook of the World: could this be any better than Infobel?
  • A9 Yellow Pages Search- sample Amazon's A9 search engine is highly regarded, and this Yellow Pages Search comes recommended: it has features not in other YP searches, including pictures of the businesses in some cases, so far only in a few major cities, not in the sample search (Charlotte). Here's an example with pictures, in Atlanta.
  • Corporate Consumer Contacts from the FCIC, has contacts for major corporations, including some hard to find anywhere else, like
    Governments, Politics:
  • The budget and economic outlook, 2006-2015 from CBO.
  • 2004 state legislator's personal disclosures online at Public Integrity. Here's Florida's.
  • Report on Everglades restoration from the National Academies, says more land will be needed.
  • U.S. Domestic Trends to the Year 2015 forecast from Library of Congress/Federal Research Division.
    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Bloggernity is a new blog search engine/directory. It also includes lists of newest blogs. Here's one:
  • E-periodistas, journalism news blog from Spain.
  • Friends of Democracy, an election blog from various Iraqi bloggers.
  • Vote for the 'Greatest American', a Discovery Channel survey.
  • Deja vu: Felon voting in Washington, report from Seattle Times.
  • Numbed by numbers, on journalists and statistics, by NYTimes public editor Daniel Okrent.
  •, a blog about the speculation. (Someone's proposing Bill Gates.)


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