Tuesday, January 25, 2005

On newspaper archives:
(Added Wednesday:) Jay Rosen also discusses this on the PressThink blog.

Dan Gillmor discusses the thorny problem of charging for newspaper archives online. There is a very good case for making them open, and free, if only for the good will and accessibility it would create. Newspapers have and will continue to get revenue from their archives from the commercial services like Nexis and Factiva, although I don't know if those revenues are diminishing since the onset of newspaper Website archives.
There's also a nod here to the push, recently outlined in an article on Pressthink by Simon Waldman, to encourage newspapers to make the archive URLs permanent, a serious problem for bloggers.
Several links here to other ongoing discussion of the archive question, from the recent blogging conference at Harvard and elsewhere.
It's a big step for a newspaper to give its content away for free. There's another push for more papers to follow the Wall Street Journal example and hide it all behind subscription. But I know I, for one, read the Journal less, not more, because of it. And I even hesitate to link to stories one sites that require registration.
What's more important?


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