Monday, January 10, 2005

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
I haven't tried to make a complete list of tsunami links by any means, but here are a few more I picked up on last week:

Something that impressed me this past week was the new, free encyclopedic search service that was previously a pay service called Gurunet. It's credited with being a great way to find answers rather than links. (See what you get if you put in 'hialeah', e.g.) There are also great reference pages, This one is on Places. Check it out. If you like the encyclopedia searches from the browser you can download a version that works in any software on your computer. You can put the search window on your own page too.

More links....

  • Firearms and Violence: a critical review: online book of report from National Academies of Science.
  • Do you speak American? from PBS.
  • Street Racing: a guide for police agencies from DoJ.
  • EBay Pulse tells you what people are looking for.
  • The Greensboro paper has a project to help readers direct news coverage, and the editor's blog discusses it. Interesting stuff. Lots of discussion on this project in a lot of journalism blogs.
  • Morph, a blog from The Media Center at the American Press Institute.
    Governments, Politics:
  • Stratfor Premium: the international news/intelligence report has a new site for subscribers. Reports on this site include the new Stratfor Intelligence Report.
  • United Nations Documents: new site provides all documentation from 1993 on.
  • Index of Economic Freedom, 2005: report from Heritage Foundation and Wall St. Journal says U.S. no longer in top ten.
  • Files released by the new UK Freedom of Information Act, on the National Archives Website, a sampler. Some fascinating stuff here.
    Public Records:
  • New address for Florida Division of Licensing where you can find PIs, investigators, security guards.
  • The Case Against Michael Jackson: The Smoking Gun lays it out.
  • Most popular names in Britain, 2004 'Jack' and 'Emily' ('Lewis' and 'Emma' in Scotland). 'Mohammed' enters the top 20.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • The Blog Blog.
  • Tasers under fire: special report in Seattle P-I.


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