Monday, January 31, 2005

Blogger news:
The Miami Herald profiles Val Prieto, whose Babalu Blog has been on my Florida blogroll for a long time. Headline: Blogger's Cuban slant draws fans.

DCist has news about Media Bistro's new Washington, DC blog (Fishbowl DC), which has been rumored for awhile, especially since they put out a job posting for someone to write it, a cool opportunity if there ever was one. It's one of three new local media blogs from Media Bistro which is now run by former Gawker/New York magazine blogger Elizabeth Spiers. There are blogs from New York and LA too, as well as some other specialized blogs, according to DCist. Among Fishbowl DC's scoops (I saw a reference to this somewhere else today but it may have come from here): news that Melinda French Gates is on the board of the Washington Post Company (and bought herself a million shares).

And best: Achenblog is a new blog at from Joel Achenbach, one of my favorite reporter/writers ever. Keep it up, Joel!


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