Saturday, August 07, 2004

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
Lots and lots of new stuff this week. More was linked on my Herald blog.
I'm thinking about 1974 this week, as Monday is the 30th anniversary of Nixon's resignation. My memory of the day before is running in the Issues section of The Herald tomorrow. I'll link then. I also posted Watergate research inks on the other blog on Monday.
One other thing I found interesting this week: Harry Rosenfeld talks about Watergate (he was metro editor at the Post at time of the break-in, and later was national editor (my boss), replacing the late, great Richard Harwood who was there at time of Nixon resignation.)

More links....

Reference :
  • Rank Insignia of the World
  • World Audit: ranks countries. Shows the U.S. as 9th in freedom, 12th in democracy.
  • The Source Book of Multicultural Experts
  • New address for Zimmerman's Research Guide, a great list of legal and other resources hosted by LexisNexis.
  • NEA Almanac of Higher Education, 2004
  • Movie Review Query Engine finds reviews of over 40,000 movies.
  • World Hunger Map from World Food Programme. Click on map to get info about a country's situation: here's Cuba.
    Governments, Politics:
  • 270 to Win: site devoted to electoral college, has an interactive map showing projections.
  • ConventionBloggers for the RNC: ready to go.
  • List of gifts given to G W Bush (and other federal employees); from Federal Register (via Dan Froomkin, Wash Post).
  • ZFacts A site for journalists on politics and economic policy from economist Steve Stoft.
  • Cuba After Castro: new study from RAND Corporation.
  • Iraq Veterans Against the War.
  • Yahoo! Local finds businesses & services in a local area. Search by address, ZIP, city/state, etc. Here's Newspapers in Miami.
  • IceRocket "Every search is a direct hit"; new search engine from Mark Cuban. Unusual feature: shows an image of the Web page before you click.
  • Newspaper publishers will hate this: but if you're using Mozilla's Firefox browser, a brand new extension you can install lets you right-click to find the BugMeNot password for a news Website. Very cool.
  • Research a lawyer from Findlaw, search by name or search for an attorney with particular experience. Note if you search by name the left-hand column will show litigation experience (but you must register).
  • Obituaries 101 links to obituary pages in newspapers nationwide.
  • The future of news? Newsmap from Newsisfree lets you see the news in graphical format. Moving mouse over a story brings up a description. You can 'Track' a story to see related stories. This is the Top News page but there are other categories. Note the main NewsisFree site has been redesigned so it much easier to use, too. Cyberjournalist points out some other similar experiments.
  • Toronto Star: Pages of the Past new online image archive of the paper is by subscription, but the entire year of 1945 is readable for free.
  • How to find Wall Street Journal articles in Google: Google News now provides access to select articles from the
    Wall Street Journal. To find Wall Street Journal articles, add
    "source:wall_street_journal__subscription_" to your keyword query. Note
    the double underscore between "journal" and "subscription," and the
    single underscore after "subscription." Articles indexed via Google
    News are available for free. (, 2 August 2004)
    (via LLRX, but I couldn't make it work -- it asked for my subscription info).
  • State estimates of substance use, 2002
  • The Foreign-Born Population of the U.S., 2003: new Census report.
  • UNESCO Institute for Statistics on education, science, technology, culture and communication.
  • A Zeal for Secrets and A Skip through the Rabbit Hole by Pete Weitzel, on state of the public's Right to Know, in American Editor.

    Public Records, Florida, Business, no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Dancing in the Streets: John Perry Barlow proposes guerrilla dancing in New York during the Republican convention.
  • How to be creative: good advice from artist/blogger Hugh MacLeod. Click on "Main" to go to the home page with many more thoughts on creativity. Check Number 8: "Companies that squelch creativity can no longer compete with companies that champion creativity."
  • Blog Africa.
  • Politech: blog on politics & technology.
  • Carl Hiaasen and the state of weirdness from CNN.
  • This would be a good blog name: Spastic Arm. (Tim Porter on some great quotes from Orville Schell.)
  • Wouldn't you know there'd be a Disney Blog?
  • The Truth Behind "Shove-itGate" from Philadelphia Weekly.

  • The Skeptiseum, 'the skeptical museum of the paranormal'.
  •'s Butterfly Ballot: the joke continues.
  • Cuba Classics: photos of classic American cars in Cuba.


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