Sunday, July 25, 2004

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
Politics dominates this week, of course. Many of these links have already been posted to the Herald blog, but are repeated here for reference purposes.

More links....

Reference :
  • Oxymoron Dictionary
  • get comparative test result by state.
    Governments, Politics:
  • 9-11 Report from National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States
  • 9-11 Report: search and cluster: Vivisimo search engine makes it easy to find stuff within the report. Also:
  • The executive summary, in HTML created by Jason Kottke.
  • Inexcusable Failure: report on the training of Iraqi security forces, from Center for Strategic and International Studies.
  • Official DNC blog.
  • Democratic National Convention Guide, Boston '04
  • Feedster Politics: Feedster offers links to all the blogs from the DNC.
  • Convention Bloggers: a community site.
  • DNC Blog; Jessamyn West, a prominent librarian blogger, has credentials to the DNC next week. She's writing about it in this blog.
  • Electoral Vote Predictor: predictions based on polls. Shows Kerry way ahead.
  • Real Clear Politics is tracking all the polls.
  • TRAC study of immigration enforcement
  • Don't believe Michael Moore? Here's his factchecking on the statements in the movie.
  • Catholic? KerryWatch is monitoring the criticisms of Kerry on religious grounds.
  • Now here's an unusual political campaign: Outraged Moderates. They've started a campaign called Download for Democracy, encouraging citizens to gather government memos, documents, and communications to make them available to all. Here's what they've gathered so far. (via The Guardian.)
  • National Jewish Population Survey covers 2000-2001 population.
  • Technology and the newsroom: presentation by Jeff Jarvis to The Aspen Institute.
  • "Sad decline of the news business", column in Ad Age.
  • Sports Shooter a site for sports photographers. Has an article on the NFL photo library.
  • Reportage: archive online magazine of photojournalism, great photos from around the world, including some great photos of a rural mountain village in Cuba.
  • Better WHOIS: find owner of a domain name. This one searches ALL domain registrars, it claims.
  • New Vivismo form also lets you search news, individual papers, lots of other Web sites, by clicking on the pulldown menu.

  • Excel ate my DNA: scary story about relying on Excel as a database tool (at least the later versions).
  • Alexander Hamilton: the man who made modern America, exhibit from The Museum of New York.
  • Jimmy Carter's presidential diaries, online at the Carter Library.
  • Doonesbury goes to war: a interview with Garry Trudeau in Rolling Stone.
  • Anyone remember JFK satirist Vaughn Meader? He's living in Gulfport, Fla and reminiscing about his hit 1962 album, The First Family.
    Public Records, Florida, Business, News: no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • We the Media: Blog accompanying Dan Gillmor's new book on Grassroots Journalism.
  • This is Rumor Control" "News and analysis on the appalling mess we're in".
  • Sudan: Passion of the Present a blog on news and activism.
  • Hating America: an opinion from Europe, in Hudson Review.
  • Why Farenheit 9/11 didn't end with "We Won't be Fooled Again", according to Pete Townshend. In The Guardian.
  • Looking for music online? MP3 blogs aggregator finds links to music from blogs.
  • Funfurde: a gadget review blog. (I want that Aga, British racing green.)
  • This land...great political parody, Flash with music.
  • Wear Yellow: buy a yellow wristband to support the Lance Armstrong Foundation (sponsored by Nike).
  • Story of a very expensive mistake in choosing a vanity tag, from Snopes.


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