Saturday, July 17, 2004

Weekend update: Other things found this week:
Just in time for hurricane season, this new site from NOAA: Historical Hurricane Tracks from NOAA's Coastal Services Center, also has a population mapping program and access to forecasts back to 1988. Also lets you extract historical tracks in GIS format.

Two of South Florida's best investigative reporters have left: Daily Business Review story on Fred Schulte/Jenni Bergal leaving Sun-Sentinel; and Public records aces Schulte and Bergal leave mark on Florida; tribute on Joe Adams' Web site with highlights of their great stories.

More links....

Reference :
  • Foundation Center's PubHub has reports produced by foundations, searchable/browseable.
  • Teacher salaries stagnant as health insurance costs soar, report from American Federation of Teachers.
  • Economic Commission of the States: report on No Child Left Behind implementation.
  • Economic Freedom of the World, 2004, from Cato Institute.
  • The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, searchable.
  • The Butler Report: the UK report on WMDs and intelligence.
  • Footnotes to History, on forgotten nations.
  • Hate on Display: a visual dictionary of extremist symbols, logos and tattoos. From Anti-Defamation League.
  • Cricket 365 everything you'd want to know.
  • Battle of Britain: official history site from RAF.
  • The New Great Migration, Black Americans' return to the South, new report from Brookings Inst.
    Governments, Politics:
  • The electoral college, political parties, and elections: Sites to help you through the voting process, good directory from Assn of College and Research Libraries.
  • Congressional Hearings now online on GPO site, from 105th congress (1997-98) on. (Or search on this page.)
  • Your Tax Dollars At Work…Offshore: How Foreign Outsourcing Firms Are Capturing State Government Contracts: report from Washtech. Lists several offshoring companies with Florida contracts, including $12.5 for a Food Stamp EBT call center.
  • Airline pilot pay: pilots' site with info on salaries, pension plans, etc. by airline.
  • Longer Hours, less pay: apparently the change in overtime rules has not gone away. This study by Economic Policy Institute reportedly says the administration has ignored protests about original rules proposal and is putting them through.
  • Extra current tech news from blogs and other sources.
  • New York Times RSS feeds: get the news delivered to your news aggregator, like My Yahoo.
  • Facts for Hispanic Heritage Month from Census.
  • Interactive Tariff and Trade DataWeb, stats from U.S. International Trade Commission.
  • School District Analysis Program from DoE, get stats on districts by ethnicity, other demographics.
  • Contraception Counts: data by state and congressional district, on pregnancy and contraception.
    Public Records:
  • Utah Driving records now online. The request page.
  • News Audiences Increasingly Politicized, new report from Pew Center.
  • Nice Poynter story about a reunion of old Atlanta Journal sports staff.
    Florida, Tools,People: no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • "Bad" Catholics: a report by Mother Jones.
  • Pew Internet report: Web users go online looking for things not found in mainstream media, like graphic war images.
  • Voter-purge decision could haunt Jeb Bush: Matt Doig's analysis shows different election result with purged felons returned to voting list.
  • Stuck in the Ditch: Charleston paper report says Corps of Engineers is letting Intracoastal Waterway deteriorate.
  • Think 'F9/11's a big deal? You don't remember 'Millhouse'. in Slate.
  • Guantanamo loses its 'Least Worst Place' slogan as announced by 'Lt. Mike Kafka'. ("Yes, you're reading that correctly. A man named Kafka has been deployed to field questions about a prison where the criminals are only vaguely charged with crimes, can't speak to lawyers and likely will never get out."). From The Register.
  • America's Byways: a guide to scenic roads. From U.S. DoT.
  • Road Trip, USA; has features on several great long road trips, like Coastal USA (Atlantic City -- Key West).
  • Roadside America: guide to quirky attractions.
  • Only in Manhattan: A place to take naps, in the Empire State Building.
  • Spicy Cooking: 'hot equals health'.
  • Alice's Adventure Underground: images of the original Lewis Carrol manuscript, with beautiful drawings.


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