Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The blog has been freed!:
An alert reader pointed out that my Herald blog seems to now be accessible without registration at It's hard for me to test, since I've logged on at most PCs I use, but I just tried it at a computer that asked me for registration when I clicked on another story, and it came up. Of course,'s strategy is to let you get one story, then ask for registration the next one. So I'm not sure. If so, great. I haven't heard as much from KR Digital.....

More public records activity:
It's been posted elsewhere, including a message to NewsLib from Gary Price, but it's very interesting news: Elsevier, owner of LexisNexis, buys Accurint (parent company Seisint also is producer of the Matrix database). This story is from FT; more news in South Florida papers tomorrow (Seisint is based in Boca Raton).

Inside scoop:
Ever wonder why New York Times stories (and other papers, too) don't show up much in Google searches? Here's Searching for the New York Times, a fascinating piece in Wired on why NYT stories come up so rarely in Google (it's because of their Nexis contract, which makes them the bulk of their $25 million NYT Digital profit). (via Boing Boing.)


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