Monday, July 05, 2004

Words of Wisdom:
Happy holiday, for all of you who actually do get the day off today. For some worthwhile reading while we've got the time, could do much worse than to read Molly Ivins' column today. Reminds us that we're really good people at heart, despite our problems.....
And I am still thinking about Leonard Pitts' column from Friday, about how angry we are these days; this one took my breath away. Think about that anger, then read Molly again.
I also really enjoyed this Ivins column from last week on at least one source of that anger, religion in politics. Thanks to Lynne for reminding me of this one....
And last, Joe Galloway today reprints a letter from a soldier that says it all.
(The links to to stories on the Miami Herald Web site. Sorry that registration is required, as it probably will be to any versions on other Knight Ridder sites. At least the Ivins columns may show up on other non-registration papers......)


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