Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Blog fever:
Lots and lots of stuff happening in the blog/photoblog/RSS field. Google and Yahoo are both doing some interesting stuff. Google is buying Picasa, the company that created Bloggerbot, the photo uploading software for blogs, under the Hello! brand. Picasa is also a photo organizing software. An interesting expansion for Google.
Yahoo!, on the other hand, has bought a company called Outpost, which does an email/RSS reader. Since My Yahoo has been offering their online feed reader, this can only enhance what they do.
Also, some interesting new stuff at Feedburner, which can improve indexing of your blog, convert your feed so it's compatible with several feed formats, and now offers a neat animated banner showing your last 5 feed headlines.

All interesting fodder for more discussion of how blogs, feeds and instant photo display is changing and will continue to change how people get their news.

More news:
I didn't get to post a weekend update this weekend, although I'd already posted much of what I found interesting last week, here or on the Herald blog. A few more things:
  • Gene Weingarten has questions for Bush and Kerry. (via Michael Froomkin.)
  • Kerry-Edwards links compiled by Poynter's Al Tompkins.
  • The Living Room Candidate: TV ads from Eisenhower to ?
  • Techpolitics is compiling voter registration data, including lots of state reports: Florida data includes Miami-Dade precinct maps, lots lots more.
  • VIN decoder: put in a car's VIN number and find out where it was built, type of car, etc. Here's an explanation of VIN numbers. (via Gary Price.)
  • Senate Intelligence Report, scanned and OCR'd so it's searchable, by Simson Garfinkle at MIT. How it works.)


    • Your blog at miami herald no more behind registeration, thank you

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:50 AM  

    • I hope that's true about the Herald blog coming out from behind registration. Can't take credit for it, though....the online operation is mostly a mystery.....

      By Blogger liz, at 5:15 PM  

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