Thursday, July 29, 2004

News librarians in the spotlight:
Indianapolis' Michael Jesse and Chicago's Debra Bade are featured in an Online Journalism Review story about fixing errors in online archives; a really important topic and one that may not be given much attention in some newsrooms.

Public records flap:
This is really interesting. The Cleveland Plain Dealer published a list of all the concealed weapons permit holders in the area. In reaction, Ohioans for Concealed Carry posted editor Doug Clifton's home address on its website (see down the page). Fair is fair? I've always been concerned about people's interest in knowing who holds these permits. After all, only upstanding citizens are allowed to have them.

I remember this:
With the 30th anniversary of Richard Nixon's resignation upcoming, some interesting things:
Several comments on Fred LaRue's death are wondering if Bob Woodward is going to tell us he was Deep Throat. No word yet. And Watergate Revisited in American Journalism Review. This looks like a really good recap which I plan to read thoroughly. (I watched the front page of the Washington Post being set in type that night, the only time I ever saw the process. I still have a line of that type, rejected for a misspelling: 'first president fo the United States to resign'.)

OJR's Mark Glaser has a very interesting study of big media trying to jump on the convention blogging story.
And AJR writes about how Knight Ridder was the only news organization to get the big picture on WMDs and Iraq.
More new things on my Herald blog, including looking into Capitol Hill Blue, source of the Bush and drugs story.
The Herald's coverage of the Ricky Williams story has gotten really interesting, with Ricky telling Dan LeBatard that his marijuana use is good for him and more important than football. Dan had a wonderful column yesterday about the disconcerting position he's in writing these stories about a friend. I can't get the exact link since KR Digital's registration system seems to have gone bloooey again.


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