Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Lunchtime diversion:
I've just finished Dan Gillmor's new book, We The Media: Grassroots journalism by the people, for the people. Fascinating and a must read for any journalist. Link is to the book's Website; you can also download PDFs of the entire book. The book's notes contain a wonderful links list; I don't see them on the Website, though; they are in the PDFs but are not direct links. Might be worth converting to Word to make the links active (but, oops, didn't work for me).
More of interest:
  • When you search Google News, what are you getting? Vin Crosbie studies the results.
  • My Beef with Big Media by Ted Turner, in Washington Monthly. Saw him talking about this with Charlie Rose last night....the man's a treasure.
  • George Bush's Blog from The Onion.
  • Joe Trippi's blog 'The Revolution Will Not be Televised' from his new book.
  • Political Wire: Taegan Goddard's blog has some interesting stuff, like this:
  • A call from the president: LBJ orders some slacks.

    Another thing:
    An email from Topix reminds me to mention the changes and redesign. These were all covered -- ably -- on Resourceshelf by Gary Price the other day, but I must say I am quite impressed. I loved the site before, think it's better now. Some fans are excited about the email alerts now available, but I love the RSS feeds which were already available. I really like the Live Feed in right hand column. There's also a Topix Blog to keep up with the changes.

    And, Douglas Fisher at Common Sense Journalism has discovered something researchers should be concerned about: Network Solutions is trying to hide personal information in WHOIS domain name records. This is important. We've used these records to locate local spammers or people who've fed bad information to USENET groups or blogs. WHOIS is an incredible tool for journalists, we can't lose it. Check this out.


    • There is an HTML version of "We the Media" that includes the website directory.

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