Saturday, July 31, 2004

Weekend update: Other things found this week:

Reference :
  • North Carolina History and Fiction Library from the library at Eastern Carolina U. So far only covers eastern counties, but this is a very interesting project.
  • Omni Medical Search: a new search engine for medical topics. Searches news and images, too.
  • Teacher Salary Survey from American Federation of Teachers. Has data by state; here's Florida.
  • find out about the music used in TV ads.
  • EventJAR searches for cultural and entertainment events. Put in a group or artist name and get concert dates, etc.
  • Aircraft Type Designator Database from ICAO, get aircraft descriptions, codes, sometimes a photo.
  •, a guide to health issues for military and their families.
  • Children's Books Online.
  • an easier to remember URL for the Iraq Coalition Casualty Report, better than its previous address,
    Governments, Politics:
  • Transcripts of all the DNC speeches from Boston Herald.
  • Gumshoe Librarian: Websites for global research issues. This is an incredible list of sites for international research, from LLRX.
  • 9-11 Commission Report Search able version put online by AskSam.
  • Places Journalists Should Go for Politics: one of Al Tompkins' great guides to useful sources online. Lots of useful tips for finding unlikely things about candidates, as well as general political links (at Poynter).
  • Yahoo! Search Shortcuts: Yahoo! does many of the cool searches that Google can do..and more. All listed here, with search forms.
  • What was the exchange rate then? historical data on the exchange rate between US dollar and other world currencies.
  • Carl Hiaasen interview in the New York Times.
  • NewsBot is MSNBC's answer to Google News, in beta.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • TV Newser a new blog.
  • a new blog about those unusual auctions on EBay.
  • Mark Hancock Dallas MN photojournalist's blog. (via Blue Ridge Blog.)
  • Wordcount: fascinating visual representation of word frequency. Takes over 80,000 English words and ranks them by use. Type a word and see where it is on the scale.
  • Did you ever hear of the cult '60s British movie, It happened here? It was about the takeover of Britain by the Nazis. Here's what the Tube map would have looked like. (Unterground).


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