Tuesday, February 24, 2004

On comics:
The Miami Herald is trying to make some changes on its comics pages. Since the September redesign that put the comics on tabloid pages, they've been squished. Comics Survivor is an online poll that will let readers choose which four comics to eliminate and which of two new ones to add. Readers can also vote by mail. How other papers do this seems to be a fairly frequent topic on Newslib.

On blogging:
If you haven't come across a link on one of the many other journalism blogs that've linked to this, be sure to read Tom Mangan on blogging journalists in this interview with PJNet.
    "Blogging is a natural way to report the news, I say that because every time big stories break, blogs pop up out of nowhere. We've been slow to realize this, but eventually almost all news will be posted blog-style. "

My own blogging has been mostly on the other blog so far this week. Today so far, it's on pancakes. More random stuff yesterday.


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