Saturday, February 14, 2004

Weekend update: Other things I found this week:

It's getting harder to categorize the links that I'm finding. Seems like blogs are making a lot of the news, these days. See, for example, the work Calpundit's doing on the Bush National Guard questions (This is just one good post. There have been several this past week). Or the stuff CJR's Fact Check is doing.
Then you find a blog like this: Real Clear Politics, and how do you describe it? A news service? a blog? Or should it be under Politics? All three?

On the Bush question, I pulled together a bunch of links a couple days ago, there's more by today, I'm sure. (Also see Yeoman of the Service: Slate creates a timeline of GW Bush's National Guard service.)

More useful links....

Reference :
  • Links to military personnel statistics databases on Resourceshelf.
  • Virtual Motor City: over 15,000 historical photos from Detroit from the Detroit News' collection.
  • New Georgia Encyclopedia: nice to see states doing this. Wish there was a Florida encyclopedia.
  • History of Valentine's Day from History Channel.
  • Mathematics of the African diaspora
  • End of Life Choices: newly launched site for dignified death information.
  • Caxton's Chaucer: from British Library, see images of the pages of two editions of this original printed text.
  • Seekscan: New meta-search engine searches several engines at once, and allows you to refine search to 'Weblogs' and 'Reference' as well as news, images, and multimedia. (It also seems to search letter combinations within words.)
  • Queryster: choose a search engine to search, then click on another and search it. There are 10 engines to search from. Try them all (the directory stays on screen as results change). This is cool.
  • Free GIS data: from GeoCommunity, download mapping data on various topics. Not all free, though...
    Governments, Politics:
  • The Price of Loyalty: the Bush Files from collection of former Treasury Sec'y Paul O'Neill, source docs for his book with Ron Suskind.
  • Dan Froomkin's White House Briefing: Wash. Post compilation of White House news.
  • Real Clear Politics: a handy compilation of latest political news.
  • School Results: from No Child Left Behind program, look up individual schools, districts and get stats. Florida is one of few states so far available.
  • U.S. Statistical Absract, 2003: latest edition.
  • 2003 Green Book, now online, this is House Ways & Means collection of stats on govt programs (SSN, Medicare, etc.)
  • Mini Historical Statistics from U.S. Census/Uncle Sam's Reference Shelf.
  • Canada E-Book from Statistics Canada.
  • Historic Preservation Miami from city Planning dept.
  • Miami Beach 411 directory of hotels, restaurants, M.B. history, and more.
    Public Records:
  • Massachusetts court search: state Supreme Court and Appeals Court.
  • Pennsylvania Docket Sheets: search Appellate and Court of Common Pleas.
  • New databases on National Archive include Vietnam unit records, naval combat gunfire data, defense contracts 1975-2000.
  • VINElink has offender searches by state. This site allows victims to register to be notified when a specific offender is due for release.
  • Delaware Secy of State: services including a search of corporate registrations.
  • Florida Vehicle Registration check: put in VIN or Title number, get current status of vehicle.
    People, News, Journalism, Business: no links this week.

    Some Interesting stories/Weblogs:
  • Change for America: new blog from former Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi.
  • Here's a story I always suspected:Channel 2 in Cape Coral discovers citrus canker eradication workers actually spread the disease.
  • Music for America a social issues blog.
  • The Food Section: another food blog.
  • an 'online magazine of narrative journalism' with some interesting stories/projects online.
  • Ad Campaigns that have made a difference from Ad Council.
  • Official BBC office time waster.


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