Thursday, February 12, 2004

The real Iraq Casualty link:
OK, I screwed up the link to Iraq Coalition Casualty Report. I thought the link would work, but I put a www in front of it, and it's not needed. Just gets you there just fine. Unfortunately the NY Review article excerpt I cited also had a bad link.
To emphasize our good experiences with Lunaville: I've used it to pull out stats on helicopter deaths, Florida soldiers killed, and just for quick totals. In totaling up all the statewide casualties, I checked Lunaville's names against the lists published by Defenselink, CNN, and Military City and they were right on every time (although a little more up-to-date than some). A couple of our reporters have contacted the folks at Lunaville and found them very responsive, including doing particular calculations.
Thanks to Margot for pointing out my bad link.


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